MaxFisher is a powerful and convenient search engine for personal computers and intranets. It is implemented in pure Java with indexing done by the very efficient Lucene engine. MaxFisher can be thought of as a cross platform replacement for Google Desktop with enhanced file support, security and privacy. Can serve not only as Google Desktop replacement, but as a free replacement for Googles search appliances.


MaxFisher is currently in the pre-alpha stage. It is suited only for demonstration purposes and is recommended only for use by experienced users.



Click on the `download` link on the menu bar and click on the most recent version. When the download is complete, unzip the file into a directory of your choice.


The application is delivered in an executable jar file, so you only need to click on maxfisher.jar like you would to run any other program.


After starting up MaxFisher, you need only point your web browser to http://localhost:8080/


Support the following data types

Files DOC, XLS, RSS, Outlook PST and DBX, IE history, Mozilla history, Firefox history, Archives: jar, zip, tar, rar
Messaging Outlook Express DBX, Outlook PST, maildir, mbox, IMAP, AIM logs, Trillian logs
Contacts LDAP, Windows Address Book

Deliver application via Java Web Start.



Getting Involved


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